A year in movies: 2010

January 14, 2011 at 2:08 pm (Movies, Tops)

I have to start by apologizing for the long delay in posting the top of my fave movies of 2010. At first, I wanted to wait a few days, in order to maybe catch a couple of more films that I might enjoy; then a nasty bronchitis got the better of me, and made me forget about posting this altogether.

Anyway, at long last, here are my favorite films of 2010, with the very important note that I haven’t yet seen some movies that I might love and that might make the top ten, especially Black Swan, The Fighter, True Grit and Animal Kingdom. As soon as I see them, I will post a revised version of this top.

Until then, my favorite film of 2010 is…

Inception (dir: Christopher Nolan)
I wrote about this once it came out, and nothing has changed since. It’s a brilliant heist movie, the perfect popcorn film, a rare smart blockbuster, and the final proof of the complete director Nolan has become.

Rest of the Top Ten:

2. Enter the Void (dir: Gaspar Noe) – another crazy ride from Gaspar Noe, a brilliant film about the last trip of the human mind, right before death, caught between reality and imagination, between memories and dreams. It’s shocking, very hard to watch, but ultimately fabulous.

3. Kick-Ass (dir: Matthew Vaughn) – when I first saw this back in spring, I loved it, but it wasn’t in my top 3. However, I watched it again a few weeks ago, and I enjoyed it even more, clear sign of something memorable. Hit Girl is my new favorite superhero. 🙂

4. Toy Story 3 (dir: Lee Unkrich) – the perfect way to end an amazing trilogy. You thought animations can’t be, literally, thrilling? Think again. There’s one scene at the end of this film that kept me on the edge of my seat. Brilliant filmmaking from start to finish.

5. Shutter Island (dir: Martin Scorsese) – a creepy story with a creepy Di Caprio, brilliant cinematography, and an all-around amazing film.

6. The Social Network (dir: David Fincher) – the story of our generation. Who thought a movie about Facebook can be so good? Sorkin’s script is amazing, just as the performances, and the unconventional score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

7. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (dir: Edgar Wright) – the most under-rated movie of the year. An audio-visual treat, perfect for arcade game lovers and pop culture fans like myself.

8. The Town (dir: Ben Affleck) – The crime drama of the year. Ben Affleck proves once again he is an extremely talented director.

9. Winter’s Bone (dir: Debra Granik) – A very small, minimalist movie, carried by a solid script and an absolutely breathtaking performance from new star Jennifer Lawrence.

10. 127 Hours (dir: Danny Boyle) – Getting trapped in the mountains for days, and having to cut your own arm off in order to survive, has never been so much fun.

Come back in a couple of days (and this time it will be a couple of days, I promise :P), for my most anticipated movies of 2011.


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