Why “The Walking Dead” is the best TV show of the year

November 19, 2010 at 3:26 pm (TV shows)

Because it’s unique. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and television really needed something fresh.

Because of the talent involved. Frank Darabont, anyone? The guy is an amazing filmmaker, and his creative touch, as producer, writer and sometimes director, is felt throughout the show.

Because the comics are outstanding: dark, gloomy, intense, and not afraid to kick you in the nuts when you’re least expecting. If the show stays true to the source material, be prepared for dark days.

Because of the look. “The Walking Dead” seems made for cinema, not for TV. The producers really made sure the show looks like a theatrical experience all the way.

Because it oozes professionalism from every single frame. From the directing, to the writing, to the acting, this is top notch television throughout. The first 3 episodes are filled with so many intense, unforgettable moments, you will have the urge to watch each episode again, as soon as it’s finished. I know I do.

Because it’s on AMC, a small TV channel that managed to beat HBO, Showtime, and everybody else, in terms of quality of their TV shows. Don’t believe that? Check out the commercial and critical success of their other efforts, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

And, most of all, because this is not actually a simple zombie show. It’s a character drama set in a world filled with zombies. Character development seems to be way ahead of mindless action, and that surprised me in the most pleasant way. It’s more about these believable characters trying to hold on to their humanity, rather than about trying to survive mindless zombie attacks.

The first season is halfway through, and the second season has already been greenlit. My suggestion: jump in the bandwagon, while there’s still room. You will not regret it.

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