Linkin Park has gone to shit

August 30, 2010 at 1:51 pm (Music)

I’ve always liked Linkin Park, even when they weren’t at the very best, and even when they tried new non-rock things, simply because I always considered them talented, above most other genre bands, or because they always had a certain catchiness even to their worst songs.

Their new single The Catalyst, however, is so bad, it actually made me decide not to buy their new album – that I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. They’re going in a brand new direction, and again – I don’t blame them for trying new things, but this song reeks of desperation. It’s as if they’re ashamed of their past and they’re so desperately trying to steer away from everything that made them famous in the first place. I’m pretty sure this new direction will bring them legions of new fans, and I’m also sure they’re aware it will completely alienate most of their old fanbase, which is actually somewhat sad.

Maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, maybe it’s just one song and the rest of the album will be better, but I seriously doubt that. You don’t release your first single in years with any other song than the most representative of what you’re trying to achieve. So, unless proven otherwise, Linkin Park is officially off my radar.

You can find the new video on youtube, let me know what you think. I find this song offensively silly and stupid, from the lyrics to the structure to the awful keyboards (the keyboard “solo” in the middle is particularly horrendous – it’s like what a 5 year old would play when discovering the instrument for the first time).

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