22 Rock

July 9, 2010 at 12:55 pm (TV shows)

The Emmy nominations have been announced, and, surprise-surprise, 30 Rock is leading the pack with a staggering 22 noms. I’m somewhat glad, because I like the show, but I can’t say the last season blew me away in any way, shape or form. Hopefully they’ll come back strong next year.

As usual, AMC’s Mad Men is also nominated for too many categories to list, and so is Breaking Bad – maybe the best TV show of the last 2 years, together with Dexter – making AMC the total badass TV network. They have a total of 2 shows in the schedule. Both are tearing it up at the Emmys – again.

Speaking of Dexter – well done again, I’m really rooting for them to win as much as possible (although I think best drama is a lock again this year for Mad Men), especially John Lithgow who was outstanding as the villain of Season 3.

I was pleasantly surprised with Lost‘s 12 nominations – a huge number compared with previous years. Maybe it’s because they just finished their last season, or maybe because the last season was absolutely amazing – either way, good for them.

For a list of the nominees in the more important categories, head over to imdb.

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