Weekly movie wrap-up: Megan Fox awesomeness

March 22, 2010 at 5:04 pm (Movies, Reviews)

I haven’t seen many movies this past week, but I did see a couple that I really enjoyed – including the extremely underrated Jennifer’s Body. Here’s a quick recap of everything I have watched.

Daybreakers (dir: The Spierig Brothers)
Original, fresh vampire stories aren’t something you see every day. Daybreakers brings an interesting twist to the whole vampire issue, makes humans the outcasts in a vampire-run world, and does it in a film full of action and plenty of gore. I liked it for what it was – a simple, yet interesting vampire story that has a certain B-movie vibe to it. However, after the novelty wears off, it drags a bit to a bland conclusion, but that didn’t alter my initial feelings: this is a very enjoyable flick.

Nowhere Boy (dir: Sam Taylor Wood)
Here’s a movie about John Lennon that could’ve been about anyone else. It’s a biopic about the early years of Lennon, before The Beatles, before everything you’ve ever known. So why should I care? Music is secondary throughout the whole film – this is actually a soap opera-ish drama about an angry kid and his family issues. Yes, we do get to see a version of young Paul McCartney looking like a 10-year-old on crack, and we do get to see Lennon discovering rock’n’roll, but all of this is always left behind the main, boring, useless storyline. Big props however for the performances, especially Aaron Johnson, who steals the film and makes Lennon believable.

A Prophet (dir: Jacques Audiard)
This movie kicks ass. There’s no other way to put it. It’s a French crime thriller about an Arab guy in prison, who starts from the bottom of the food chain and builds its way up to becoming a true mob boss.  It’s superbly filmed and acted, gritty, violent, emotional. The characters are superbly built and the story is extremely compelling. I really cannot understand how this didn’t win the Oscar or the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Pic – maybe it is a bit too violent? Doesn’t even matter. You should check it out ASAP.

Jennifer’s Body (dir: Karyn Kusama)
Everyone I talked to, everyone I heard talk about this film, hates it. My answer: fuck you all 🙂  This is pure, smart entertainment, written by an improving Diablo Cody, who kept all that was good about Juno and left out the sassy unrealistic dialog bullshit. It’s super-hot Megan Fox going batshit in a high-school full of horny bastards who get killed in increasingly gruesome ways. It’s Megan Fox making out with Amanda Seyfried. It’s funny, it’s crazy, and – unlike most horrors nowadays – it actually builds interesting characters that care about what happens around them, the murders not being just statistics. It’s a teen high school drama with bite. Don’t get me wrong – this is not some hidden masterpiece, but I really loved it for what it was: a fun, witty horror comedy.

Che: Part One (dir: Steven Soderbergh)
I never, ever, ever thought a biopic about such an influential individual like Che Guevara could be so fucking boring. Well, Soderbergh proved me wrong. I barely made it through the first part of this 4-hour snoozefest, and you can bet your ass this first part is all I’m going to see. Technically speaking, there’s nothing wrong with this film. It looks realistic, beautiful cinematography, great locations, believable performances (although Benicio Del Toro didn’t blow me away as I was expecting). But the story is so tediously dull, so chaotic, and it completely lacks any emotional involvement from the viewer. This film failed to connect with me in any kind of way.

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