4 more days until Avatar

December 14, 2009 at 3:14 pm (Movies)

There are 4 days left until the world premiere of James Cameron’s new film, Avatar, which will probably become one of the highest-grossing films ever released. Plenty of reasons to be excited, not only because it’s gonna be a visual treat, but also because it marks the proper launch of the only IMAX theater in Romania, being the first feature film presented on the monster screen in the Cotroceni mall.

If you didn’t book your tickets in advance – tough luck. You’re either gonna have to wait, or see the “normal” 3D version – because all Avatar IMAX shows from Friday to Sunday have already been sold out.

If you really want Avatar IMAX (and I’m pretty sure you do), you can still book tix for next week – head over to Cinema City’s official page to do so. If you settle for normal 3D, you have plenty of options: Avatar 3D will play in every 3D theater in Bucharest (CinemaPro, Hollywood Multiplex, Movieplex, The Light, Starplex, Cinema City).

There is also, of course, the 2D version available, but it would be the dumbest thing anyone could do, watching this in 2D (or at home on your laptops, for that matter). This movie has been made to be seen in all its colorful 3D glory – so make sure you do that.


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