This is why soccer should use instant replays

November 19, 2009 at 12:58 pm (Sports)

France qualified for World Cup 2010 after scoring the equalizer following a blatant handball from Thierry Henry, in the extratime of the playoff game against Ireland. This is the reason why instant replays should be used in soccer. This huge mistake by the refs shattered the Irish World Cup dreams, and France goes through in a disgusting, undeserved fashion. Of course, in a normal season, a game lost because of the refs isn’t the end of the world – there are 37 other games to right the wrong. But in the extratime of a playoff game? This shouldn’t happen.

Soccer is the last of the major sports that is still surprisingly reluctant to the idea of using video replays for big decisions. America paved the way – all their major leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) use video replays for certain game moments, and, well, champions are champions because they deserve to be, not because they cheated their way to winning. Why soccer doesn’t to so, is beyond me. It’s like they don’t want to get rid of referee mistakes.

Needless to say, France quickly climbed my shitlist all the way to top three – alongside historical fellow cheaters Italy and Portugal. Hopefully they’ll have a miserable World Cup. It’s not like they deserve to be there, anyway.


  1. bhuttu said,

    FIFA invarte bani mai multi si afaceri mai murdare decat Cosa Nostra. Normal ca nu le-ar fi convenit sa aiba un mondial fara Franta si Portugalia, si cu mult mai nepopularele Irlanda si Bosnia. Umbla vorba ca un modial fara Ronaldo si Mesi ar fi fost un dezastru financiar. De-asta mai sunt bune greselile de arbitraj, sa poti sa lucrezi umpic, doar umpic, in cate-un moment cheie.

    Iar Franta a ocupat intotdeauna pozitii fruntase in shitlistul meu, si pun pariu ca nu numai. (cum traduci shitlist???)

  2. nicu said,

    Ma bucur, Argentina nu e in top 3 shitlist pt. tine si ai bagat Franta acolo. In sfarsit mai avem si puncte de vedere comune. Si Messi e peste manelaru de Ronaldo. Ne vedem in America de Nord sa mai vb de una alta. Bafta.

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