Enough is enough

November 10, 2009 at 10:20 am (Sports)

I have always been against the Romanian way of dealing with soccer coaches: a couple of bad results, and the coach is fired. That’s stupid and irresponsible, because no new coach can impose his style on a team in less than at least a year. Whenever a new coach is hired, he should have enough time to change things, bring new players, new tactics. But Romanian owners are too eager for immediate results to understand it’s pretty much impossible for any coach out there to turn a messy team around in such short time.

However, Rafa Benitez has had plenty of time. 5 years, lots of money, (almost) all the transfers he wanted. He turned FC Liverpool from a British club into a semi-Spanish team by bringing in his favorite Latin players, won a Champions League trophy on the way, but failed miserably at exactly the job he was hired for, in the first place: bring the title back. Heck, at least contend for the title. In 5 seasons, the Reds were real contenders only once (last year).

This season seems the worst of all. The team lies mid-table in the Premier League – already 11 points behind leaders Chelsea, needs a miracle to go through the Champions League, and, worst of all, plays like crap. Sure, we won against the Scum (aka Manchester United), but lately we did that on a consistent basis anyway. Sure, there have been plenty of injuries. And plenty of bad luck. But this is no excuse for this miserable season.
Considering it’s highly unlikely for Rafa to do the right thing – quit -, hopefully the owners will realize sooner rather than later that there’s no light at the end of this tunnel. If Rafa hasn’t been able to do the job for the last 5 years, it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to do it.

I say, get rid of him, bring a new coach and give him enough time to impose his style, so that maybe, just maybe, next season we’ll be contenders.



  1. bhuttu said,

    Nici Gillet si Hicks nu sunt chiar binefacatorii pe care ii viseaza The Kop. Legat de Premier League, eu pur si simplu m-as resemna. 😀 Si ca sa fie agonia placuta, uite o cifra pe care o s-o auzi tot mai des pe masura ce se apropie sfarsitul lui mai: 19. :p

  2. cristane said,

    You wish 😛 Anul asta n-aveti nici voi sanse cu Chelsea. Va ramine 18-18, asa, sa fie mai interesant la anul 🙂

  3. bhuttu said,

    La anul, cand Stevie G. va schimba prefixul? 🙂 Sperantele sunt in Ngog si Aquilani? =))

  4. Alin said,

    De fapt, sperantele sunt in Nani si Foster.

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