Halloween madness

November 2, 2009 at 11:47 am (Movies, Reviews)


I have seen plenty of horror movies this Halloween weekend – none impressed and shocked me as much as French gorefest A l’interieur. This uber-violent thriller about an insane woman terrorizing a soon-to-be-mother in order to take her baby is a flick as sick, twisted and gory as I’ve ever seen. It’s an exercise in excess, filled with scenes so tensed, gruesome and well done, it puts Hollywood puppies like Saw and Hostel to shame. And when, during the film, you’re thinking that’s as much as you’ll possibly get – the directors (newcomers Bustillo and Maury) come back with something even wilder. The film is also helped by its short runtime (less than 80 minutes), which leaves no time for fillers and keeps the madness rolling along at a super-fast pace. Even when there’s a more quiet scene (meaning – no sadistic violence and pools of blood), everything is so tensed you can’t help but feel uneasy. This remarkable accomplishment is also helped by a good engaging story, great acting and very interesting characters – the film’s killer is by far one of the most insane, memorable and fucked up villains I’ve ever seen. The cinematography is also top notch – the film is beautifully shot, and the claustrophobic feel you’re stuck with throughout also deserves praise. By far, the best horror I’ve seen this year. 9,5/10

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