Let the madness begin!

September 24, 2009 at 2:29 pm (Festivals, IIFF, Movies, Sitges)

I’m staring at 18 consecutive days of non-stop movies, stars, parties, press conferences and events.

The appetizer will be the new Iasi International Film Festival – the first edition of an ambitious project, already the second Romanian festival in terms of number & quality of movies, categories, days, and – hopefully – audience (only second, because TIFF is extremely hard to beat). Still, a great amount of movies of great variety, and hopefully some pleasant 9 days in Iasi.

But the “big one”  will be Sitges, in Spain, the biggest fantasy/horror festival in the world, that I’ll be attending for the first time. A huge event with tens of thousands attending from all over Europe, a shitload of highly anticipated movies, plus lots of parallel events and parties by the seaside, that I won’t miss, because the people at Sitges were kind enough to offer me a press pass.

Oh, the guest list is also highly impressive: Gaspar Noe, Park chan-wook, Sam Rockwell, Ivan Reitman, Emma Stone, Clive Barker, Abigail Breslin, Malcolm McDowell, Jaume Collet-Serra, etc. I’ll probably get the chance to talk to some of them, so if you’d like to ask them something, let me know.

I’ll probably post lots of stuff from both fests, not only here, but also on cinefan.ro, and on the cinefan blog, so stay tuned.


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