Entourage addict

July 29, 2009 at 10:56 am (TV shows)

I am officially an Entourage addict. You should be too. Why?

Well, for starters, because it’s an amazing show. Really interesting characters, superbly acted, and perfectly written. Once you get the first few episodes out of the way, you end up feeling like you know them personally. Last night, when James Cameron called Vince to offer him the lead role in his new movie, I was literally happy. And I don’t usually get really involved like this, but this show leaves me no choice.

Let’s see, what else. It’s a hilarious show, that welcomes you to the high-life world of a Hollywood star.  I don’t think there’s any movie or tv show out there that gets you closer to all the madness. Guest stars pop in every ten minutes, playing themselves.

I can’t believe this show has been going on for so long and I just discovered it.

If you don’t know it, check it out. You’re in for an amazing ride.


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  1. cojanu said,

    It’s awesome !!!

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