How to waste 93 million euros

June 13, 2009 at 8:46 pm (Sports)

ronaldo dives again

It’s official: I hate Real Madrid. They just bought the most overrated cheating prick in football, and they paid 93 million euros for him. Now that’s stupid. They could have used the money for Messi – an obviously better player who, incidentally, doesn’t cheat and has traces of common sense. They could have used the money for anyone in the world – hell, they could have gotten two – three top players. Nope. They bring in an arrogant cheater who, despite flashes of brilliance, is not the best player in the world, and is not worth that much money. Now they have Ronaldo and Kaka stepping on each others toes – clearly not a recipe for success.

On the good side of things: the Premier League suddenly became a cleaner league.


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